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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a component of computer science that enables machines to think, analyze and perform routine tasks like normal human beings. The most common example of AI would be the robot which is fast replicating the human body by performing similar functions and thus, rendering millions of people jobless globally. The apps installed in our mobiles like Google maps which help us navigate  to our destination through the shortest possible routes is another example of AI. Video games, Facebook and Netflix also make extensive use of AI algorithms to provide us with entertainment and news feed. Perhaps we do not quite realize it, but the world of artificial intelligence has quietly invaded and transformed our lives in many ways which we do not realize about. By 2030, it is estimated that 30% of jobs the world over will be replaced by computer applications with some form of AI influence.

According to a report published recently, the US, China, UK, Canada and India were the top five countries with the most AI based technology companies. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and makes a compelling case for those considering a career in a field that has tremendous future potential. It is an exciting field which will not become obsolete in the near future as it is destined to impact major industries throughout the world, such as banking and finance, automobiles, surveillance and security, retail, manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare.

In India, some leading companies which have made forays into AI Technology are RIL, Bharti Airtel, Tata Motors, ICICI Bank and Lupin Labs. Some of these companies, like telecom giant Bharti Airtel, have made foreign collaborations in AI technology to improve the quality of client services so as to remain competitive within the industry. There are also a host of Indian startups which have grabbed international attention in this field, such as, Embibe, and Supertext AI. Apart from these, international tech giants like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel and NVIDEA have made their presence felt in this field and are making huge investments in the Indian AI sector.

There is an acute shortage of professionals in the AI sector not only in India, where the pinch is perhaps felt the most, but in major global economies which are highly reliant on technology for daily operations. Most of these nations are unable to match the high demands of skilled professionals in this sector due to a high skew in the demand supply chain as there is a clear lack of trained professionals to fulfill growing demands of the industry. This industry is expected to create jobs in excess of 50 million by 2022 and has been valued at 8.2 trillion dollars in 2018.

 Professionals related to this domain are likely to be employed for career profiles like software engineers, data scientists, AI researchers, intelligence specialists, AI consultants, AI data analysts, machine learning engineers, warehouse engineers, sales engineers and product managers.   

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